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Improve Your Smile with Mobile AL Dentist Dr. William G. Eastburn

Sunday 25th of March 2018 03:30:12 PM

If you’re new to the Mobile AL area and looking for a dentist, or you’re looking for a dentist to help you improve your smile, you’re in the right place. William G. Eastburn, DMD is experienced with multiple cosmetic dentistry options for teens and adults. It’s helpful to have a dentist who can not only […]

Weight Loss Tips That Are Also Good for Your Teeth

Tuesday 27th of February 2018 03:30:03 PM

If you made a New Year’s resolution to shed a few pounds, good for you! Trying to lose weight is one of the most common resolutions. Did you know that the decisions you make that help you lose weight also help you keep your teeth healthy? Making smarter food choices with less processed sugars and […]

Resolve to Improve Your Smile With Eastburn Dental

Wednesday 10th of January 2018 02:23:49 PM

Mobile AL Tooth Replacement, Mobile AL Dental Crowns

Resolve to Improve Your Smile With Eastburn Dental Are you looking at all of those holiday photos and thinking, “Man! How did my teeth get so yellow?” Or “I wish I had a great smile like my niece.” ? The good news is, a brighter, whiter smile or a smile with no missing teeth or […]