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How to Choose the Best Mobile AL Dentist For You

Mobile AL Dentists

Mobile is fortunate in that we have many good dentists to choose from. But if you’re new to the area, how do you choose? We have some tips for you.

  1. Set Priorities. Decide what you hope to get out of the experience and what matters most to you. Things to consider:
    • How far away is the dental office from your home? From your work? From your kids’ school?
    • Dental office size. Large and small dental offices have their pros and cons. You may develop a personal relationship with your dentist and hygienist, but is it easy to get an appointment?
    • Do they have office hours that are convenient for you? Do they have weekend and evening hours?
    • Dental History. If you or your family have specific dental issues, Look for a dentist who specializes in that area, or a family dentist who has training in that area. Their website should tell you.
    • Do they see patients of all ages? This is especially important if you have children and you want to all be able to go to the same dentist. Is this a dentist you could continue seeing as you age?
    • Does it matter if the dentist is male or female? This is a personal decision.
  2. Read the reviews. Reviews matter. Read the reviews online, but keep in mind, many people who post a review either had a very positive experience, or a very negative experience. Use social media to ask friends and family for recommendations, and ask neighbors and coworkers as well. This helps you get a sense for the dentist’s reputation in the area.
  3. Check out their website. Does it tell you where the dentist went to school? What they specialize in? Are they involved in professional associations? Do they sound like they know what they’re doing?
  4. Insurance and payment options. This one can be crucial. Do they take your dental insurance? If this is not on their website, you may need to call their office, or go online at your dental insurance website to find providers who are in your network.

Do they accept a variety of payment, as in cash, credit and financing? Do they offer payment plans for the big ticket items such as dental implants or dentures?

  1. Try them out. If you’ve done all your research but you’re torn between two dentists, make an appointment with each of them. Many dentists offer free consultations for certain procedures. A good dentist should appreciate that you’re trying to make an informed decision

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